Level 3 Detail - P.O.A

Our Level 3 Detail is our signature detail.

The key objectives are:

Smooth Paint

Perfect Finish

Ceramic Protection

Full Multi stage decontamination wash


* Ph neutral wash using the 'safe' two bucket grit guard method ' - HOT SHOT

* Wheels deep cleaned using our own non-acidic cleaner - COOL GUY

(wheel barrels cleaned if accessible)

* Tyres cleaned using - WISE GUY

* Tyres dressed using - DECKED OUT 


Paintwork decontamination part: Iron particle removal using - SMOOTH MOVE 

Paintwork decontamination part 2: removing all micro-particles and bonded surface contaminates - SHINE MIST & A CLAY BAR

Paint Correction

Carefully selected cutting compounds, polishes and machine pads are chosen to suit your vehicle's paintwork.  

Each panel is machined firstly with one of our chosen compounds dependant on severity of imperfections - CHOP TOP, FLAT TOP, CLASSIC CUT

Following on to the next stage of using one of our chosen polishes to refine and perfect the finish - CLASSIC POLISH, SLICK BACK, BURN OUT 

This is a dual stage process, unless otherwise mentioned

(note:  DOES NOT INCLUDE FOR ANY COLOUR SANDING - any necessary  wet sanding or texture removal will be priced once the area has fully assessed during the detailing process)

L.S.P (Last Stage Protection)

4 YRS protection

1 layer of Beadlock Pro


Windows cleaned using - SUNSHINE

Dashboard and interior trim, cleaned and treated  using - CLEAN N SHINE

Seats vacuum and wiped

Carpets brushed and vacuum


All plastic trim is cleaned and treated using -TRIM SHIELD

Beadlock PRO  Ceramic Coating

4 YRS protection



Wheel Coating

Shine Supply BEADLOCK Wheels/Calipers/Suspension/Ehaust  - £240.00