Everyday your vehicle is subject to multiple forms of weathering, from road grim, bird etchings to

UV exposure.

It is a common misconception that the vehicle’s external ‘clear-coat’ or top coat lacquer, (if it has

one), is there to protect the paintwork. This simply isn't the case and therefore regular maintenance

of this is necessary.

Auto Detailing is the process of throughly cleaning, restoring and finishing a vehicle’s exterior and

interior. Cleaning & Polishing every accessible part and applying the correct and relevant

protection where applicable.

This service aids the important purpose of rust prevention, corrosion and chipping.

The processes used on the exterior of the vehicle, will not only restore and protect, but it will

inevitably increase the longevity of the paint.

You will increase the life of the wheels and tyres

Proper maintenance and protection for your wheels is obvious, but doing the same for your tyres is

something that is nearly always overlooked. And as above, it will extend the life of both.


If you vehicle has leather upholstery, regular cleaning and conditioning will keep the leather supple

and reduce the risk of any cracking or splitting.

Increase your car’s residual value

Having a fully detailed vehicle will always set you apart from similar vehicles when selling on, and

without question, you will achieve the best possible asking price.


Bespoke services & Subscription plans - tailored to your requirements

If you are unsure about which Detail best suits you, why not get in touch using the link below to discuss your requirements.

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