Xpress Detail - from £55.00 Inc VAT

Our Xpress Detail is an Exterior only detail, aimed specifically as a maintenance wash.

The key objectives are:

2-3 months protection

Gloss enhancement


* Ph neutral wash using the 'safe' two bucket grit guard method and our 'Wash N Protect Shampoo' - SHINE SOAP

* Wheels deep cleaned using our own non-acidic cleaner - COOL GUY

(wheel barrels cleaned if accessible)

* Tyres cleaned using - WISE GUY

* Tyres dressed using - DECKED OUT

* Glass cleaned using - SUN SHINE

 Paintwork protection with WET DETAILER

Final wipe down with RIDE SHINE Carnauba Spray Wax

Protection Options

* Hand applied Signature Shine Paste Wax

(left to cure for 20 mins) - £25.00 

* Silica Spray application using - CLUTCH - for up to 6 months protection - £55.00