Getting your car protected as early as possible is the best policy, so getting it protected at the beginning of its life is a no brainer!

Despite it being 'brand new', your vehicle will have already been subjected to the elements. Consider the time it takes to get from the Factory to your Dealership, and then consider the transportation steps it will have taken and the handling along the way, For these reasons, even 'brand new' vehicles are treated to our full decontamination process and a full and thorough (panel by panel) machine polish. Regardless of price, regardless of Brand, all are treated the same way. 

So what are the options....


The preparation process for any Protection option, including PPF (see below) from £350.00

the following options are in addition to the preparation cost above.

* Standard Protection - 6-9 months

The Last Stage Protection (LSP) uses our 'Daddy-O' Paint Sealant and a Dual Layer of our 'Cherry' Ceramic Wax from £80.00

* Ceramic Coating Protection to Paintwork - +/- 4yrs (correct maintenance is required for coating longevity)

Using Shine Supply's 'Beadlock Pro' Ceramic Coating from £400.00 

(Additional Layers can be applied upon request)  (Self Healing Properties with 3 or more layers)

Ceramic Coating to Wheels And Under Carriage

(Includes Wheels/Calipers/Inner Arches/Exhaust/Drivetrain) - +/-2yrs

Using Shine Supply's 'Beadlock Wheels And Suspension' Ceramic Coating - £250.00

Fabric Roof Coating - £95.00

Glass Coating to side and rear windows - £80.00

Interior protection (Leather/Fabric coatings) - £150.00

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If you are ordering your new vehicle from the dealerships, consider the following

before agreeing to the Dealer protection options.


The best form of vehicle protection available on today's market is that of Paint Protection Film or PPF as its better known.

The film used is Llumar Platinum & Matt. Boasting Self Healing properties, and virtually invisible, helps preserve the flawless finish on your investment.

Shine Supply UK has a firm partnership with the professionals at The Paint Protection Film Centre in Ipswich that allows us to collaborate together on projects to give you the customer the best possible results for your vehicle.

How does it work?

Whatever the project, Shine Supply will do the preparation using only our own detailing products. This usually includes our full decontamination wash and a thorough machine polish. Remember, like ceramic coatings the PPF will lock in the finish of the paintwork.

Once the paint has been perfected, the PPF, that is tailor-made for your vehicle, is then applied.

Almost all of the PPF is 'software' templated to your vehicle, and fully cut on a PPF plotter. The advantage of this is? It reduces the need to cut the film whilst on the vehicle, thus eliminating any potential risk of damaging the paintwork.

Once completed, the option is then available to add a Ceramic Coating to the PPF for Ultimate protection and ease of maintenance. (If you choose to PPF single areas of the vehicle and ceramic coat the remaining areas, the PPF will automatically be coated too as part of the process).

Paint Protection Film Options

* Front Bumper - from £325.00 + VAT

* Bonnet - from £380.00 + VAT

* Side Skirts - from £295.00 + VAT

* Mirrors - from £95.00 + VAT

* Front End Basic - from £1050.00 + VAT

Includes (Full bonnet, Front Bumper, Headlight,Mirrors)

* Front End Plus - from £1350.00 + VAT

Includes (Full bonnet, Front bumper, Front wings, Headlights, A-pillars, Mirrors and Side Skirts

* Full Body - from £3,850.00 + VAT