WAX IS FAR FROM DEAD.We actually happen to love wax. So much that it was our goal to make a wax that’s completely fortified using silica (SiO2) ingredients rather than carnauba wax. By doing this detailers can benefit from the superior protective properties of silica which far outlasts carnauba wax. How? Silica isn’t vulnerable to heat and detergents like a carnauba wax so it will always protect your paint longer! What’s really cool is this stuff can be applied in direct sun and sets up perfectly making it the ultimate wax for those dealing with the elements. Your ride will look CHERRY, guaranteed. How do you apply?By hand using a blue microfiber applicator Dual Action polisher with ANY soft foam polishing or finishing pad.   PRO TIPS:If applying in direct sun only apply to (2) panels and then wipe off.If applying indoors or shade, apply to the entire vehicle and then remove. Use Throttle detail spray to remove any stubborn residue.Use Cherry as stand alone protection, ceramic coating topper or pair with our Burn Out reconditioning cream OR Slick Back Primer Polish for the ultimate silica based combo. 

Cherry Silica Wax