DEFECTS BEWARE.RECOMMENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.  UNMATCHED CUTTING AND FINISHING ABILITY. As a professional detailer your most costly expense is your time. Chop Top provides you with fast, severe defect removal on even the hardest of clear coats, saving you time and money. If you could imagine a compound that would remove defects equal to if you were using 3000 grit sand paper - while leaving the finish almost LSP ready - it's now reality with Chop Top.  Chop Top is designed to give you extreme cutting capabilities. It’s one of kind formula allows you to quickly remove up to 1500 grit sand scratch and severe defects. Not only will CHOP TOP give you an insane cut, but it will also finish down to an amazing gloss, saving you time and effort on your follow steps. This product is designed to be used with a rotary polisher and a Shine Supply exclusive P7600 series pad; however it is certainly not limited to this combination. Works excellent with large throw DA polishers.

Chop Top 8oz