Make your interior look new again!

Clean N’ Shine is your 1 step solution to cleaning and renewing your interior plastics and vinyl. Mild cleaning agents will safely remove grime and build up from your dash, consoles, and door panels with ease. At the same time, conditioners are penetrating deep into the surface to restore that rich satin finish.

On top of cleaning and conditioning your interior plastics and vinyl, Clean N’ Shine actually protects them too! UV blockers are mixed with the conditioners to give your new healthy interior the protection it needs against the suns harmful rays. Think of it as sun screen for you interior. These UV blockers double as anti-static agents which makes dust and other airborne particles less likely to stick to your dash and consoles.

Don’t make cleaning your interior harder than it needs to be, keep it simple with Clean N’ Shine.



  • Leaves a non-greasy, perfect satin finish that's dry to the touch.
  • Smells absolutely amazing! 
  • Lightly cleans & conditions in one step. 
  • Contains true UV protection to keep your interior "like new". 
  • Perfect for maintaining all your interior plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. 
  • Works excellent as a satin finish, "new look" tire dressing. 


Pro Tips:

  • Apply using our large applicator pad, let product soak into the surface. Level out product with a taddy towel. This leaves the surface dry to the touch and perfectly even with no high spots. 




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    We carry limited apparel stock, due to numerous designs and sizes.

    Please allow 10-14 days on delivery. You will be notified by email if your item/s are subject to the longer delivery times.

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