Wiped down with Complete Boat Cleaner!


Water spots. Anyone who owns a boat knows there’s no stopping them! Luckily for all you watercraft owners, there is a solution.

Shine Supply Complete Boat Cleaner.

This revolutionary product removes water spots and mineral deposits from your ENTIRE boat in a safe and timely matter. On top of removing those dreaded spots, our Complete Boat Cleaner actually rejuvenates existing sealants and adds protection every time you use it.

Shine Supply Complete Boat Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and SAFE for nearly every surface. Use it on paint, polished aluminum, diamond plate, chrome, glass, and even your vinyl seats.

Whether its hot, cold, day or night; you will get top notch spot removing and a gloss that will make smile. Simply mist the product onto any surface and wipe it clean with a fresh microfiber towel of your choice. Flip the towel and wipe with a dry side if needed. Occasionally on a very hot day, some water spots might be more stubborn than others. If this occurs, spray a healthy amount product on the surface and let it dwell for 10 seconds. The mineral deposits may need a moment to completely break down. From there, go about wiping off the product the same way you normally would.

It's not just for boats though...

  • Detail your boat trailer!
  • Use it on your cars, trucks, and other recreational toys!

Complete Boat Cleaner


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