CREATE THE LOOK YOU WANT.(New formula to replace Hyper Shine) Give your ride that finished look. Whether you prefer a high gloss or satin finish, Decked Out is a concentrated dressing aimed at giving your tires and fender wells the look of perfection. By using regularly, you will protect your tires and always maintain that "Decked Out" look! Dilute with water to create your desired look.Dilution ratios:1:1 = High gloss2:1 = Satin Finish3:1 = Low glossThe Shine Supply spray bottle comes with pre-marked dilution tabs for easy dilution.  Best of all, Decked Out is a water based dressing.. so it WON'T feel greasy and you won't get ANY SLING after you apply it to your tires.

Sprayer bottle sold separately


Decked Out

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    We carry limited apparel stock, due to numerous designs and sizes.

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