Supercharge your polisher.


The EXCEL Evolution backing plate has been designed to wring every ounce of performance from Rupes 15 and 21 polishers. It’s basically like bolting a supercharger on your Rupes polisher.

Designed to fit on ES, Mark II and Mark III machines, your polisher will come alive on edges and other curved surfaces where power used to dissipate. Installing this backing plate in place of the factory original will give you:

  • Use with 5” pads
  • Increased torque, balance, and power fully up to the level these machines are capable of
  • Harder and faster cutting during compounding stages
  • Smoother and quicker polishing and refining
  • Completely eliminates stalling on body lines
  • A design that incorporates spacing, so no need for a washer mod
  • An engineered poly material which increases safety while being used near opposing panels
  • A strong Velcro backing, utilized for the best performance of any aftermarket plate ever released
  • Enhanced thermal capabilities and increased cooling passageways, meaning that you no longer have to monitor temperatures and cycle out pads frequently like with previous aluminum plates


By creating a smoother cycle, this plate offers factory usability and actually enhanced user enjoyment. The EVOLUTION project signifies Detail Division and Shine Supply coming together to create a performance-minded solution for our customers. 




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