THE PRESCRIPTION FOR TOUGH STAINS.Dilution: StraightTannin stains remover (coffee, tea, wine)Water stains & Browning removalFor tannin stains apply directly to stain. Place a clean towel over stain and apply pressure using a brush or your hand. This will soak up the stains from the fibers. Rotate the towel and press multiple times. Repeats the above steps till desired results are achieved.For water stains apply directly to the affected area. Using a micro fiber towel, massage into surface and follow with a clean, dry micro fiber towel. Allow area to dry and inspect. Repeat process if needed.Note: Cleaning the tannin stain prior with an alkaline cleaner will set the stain. Make sure you clean the isolated stain area FIRST with FabricRx. Dilution: 20:1pH neutralizing & fabric softeningMinimize re-soilingFor pH neutralizing and minimizing re-soiling apply directly to surface. Using a carpet brush, lightly brush the surface to spread product evenly over the fibers