Solution is an advanced multi-purpose cleanser that will clean anything it touches. Its pH balanced formula delivers safe and effective results on nearly any surface. Solution can do this because it works by emulsification. This means that instead of “burning” off grime, which is ineffective and unsafe, it actually “loosens” the soiled area ensuring successful results.


Solution is safe and effective on: 

  • leather
  • vinyl
  • plastics
  • tires
  • wheels
  • undercarriage
  • engines
  • paint



Solution demonstrating how well it cleans leather!

Solution "Ready To Use" is already diluted to be most effective for medium - heavy cleansing. If you wish to do some mild cleaning or work on delicate surfaces, it is recommended that you dilute the product with more water.



TIP: Because Solution works by emulsification, it works best when it is allowed to soak into the treated area. Grime will not be immediately loosened on contact, however it only takes a minute! 

Solution - 32oz