Throw Back is specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils for accurate paint examination and prior to the application of any coating, wax, or sealant to ensure the best possible bond between your paint and the layer of protection being applied. IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture has been the typical product used to remove polish residue and fillers from auto paint before a wax, paint sealant or coating is applied. IPA loosens the oils but the problem occurs as oil can be spread around or reintroduced as you wipe the paint. Throw Back goes an additional step with its specialty cleaners that dissolve oils. It breaks down polish residue as well as removing dust. It has the added bonus of cleaning better than an ordinary IPA, due to its innovated degreasing formula.

DIRECTIONS: Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a soft micro fiber towel. Flip the towel and wipe any remaining residue.