A clean tire is a healthy tire.


Wise Guy is designed to make cleaning, even the dirtiest tires, as effortless as possible. In the matter of seconds, you can easily strip stubborn stuck-on oils and debris from your tires leaving them clean and ready to be dressed.

When a tire is not properly cleaned, many things can start going wrong..

  • Horrible looking & stained
  • Rubber pores become clogged with contaminants
  • Rejects tire dressing and conditioning products
  • Sidewalls can become rigid and dry
  • Dry neglected sidewalls can begin to crack deteriorate
  • Life of the tire is shortened

Proper cleansing of your tires is just as crucial as your paint and wheels. Anything that goes untouched and neglected for that matter will suffer.


WARNING: DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE  POLISHED ALUMINUM WHEELS OR ANODIZED WHEELS. Wise Guy will etch polished (raw) aluminum wheels AND anodized wheels if sprayed directly on them or allowed to let run onto them. Use our Solution multi purpose cleaner for cleaning tires if you have thes types of wheels.