Level 1 Detail - £180.00 - £250.00 Inc VAT

Our Level 1 Detail is our entry level detail.

The key objectives are:

3 months protection

Smooth Paint

Protection Durability


Full Multi stage decontamination wash


* Ph neutral wash using the 'safe' two bucket grit guard method' - HOT SHOT

* Wheels deep cleaned using our own non-acidic cleaner - COOL GUY

(wheel barrels cleaned if accessible)

* Tyres cleaned using - WISE GUY

* Tyres dressed using - DECKED OUT 


Paintwork decontamination part: Iron particle removal using - SMOOTH MOVE 

Paintwork decontamination part 2: removing all micro-particles and bonded surface contaminates - SHINE MIST & A CLAY BAR

L.S.P (Last Stage Protection)

A single layer of our premium grade Brazilian Carnauba paste wax is applied to the paint work - SIGNATURE SHINE

We have a range of LSPs available, the best option for your vehicle can be discussed on consultation.


Windows cleaned using - SUNSHINE

Dashboard and interior trim, cleaned and treated  using - CLEAN N SHINE

Seats vacuum and wiped

Carpets brushed and vacuum


All plastic trim is cleaned and treated using -TRIM SHIELD

Optional Protection Upgrades  

Level 1 Gold

* Protection Upgrade to Silica Spray application using - CLUTCH - for up to 6 months protection - £45.00

Level 1 Platinium

* Protection Upgrade to Hybrid Silica Wax application using - CHERRY WAX  topped with CLUTCH - for up to 9 months protection - £65.00