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Classic Finish Plus Gallon

Classic Finish Plus Gallon

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Classic Finish Plus contains an exclusive blend of specialty abrasives making it excellent for polishing out finicky/soft paint in the pursuit of that perfect finish. 

This formula makes a great match for finishing out paint to ultimate clarity and gloss after your compounding step. After using compounding on paint, you are usually left with a light haze, regardless of how well you’ve cycled out your compound. Our Classic Finish clears up that haze and creates a beautiful, crisp shine that’s ready to be topped with your choice of protection. If you want your paint correction jobs showcasing the absolute best possible finish, this is your product. Of course, Classic Finish has zero fillers and displays pure, crisp reflections you can trust. Works on all paint types and wipes off effortlessly. Enjoy. 


  • Works excellent with any soft foam pad
  • Perfect for polishing softer paints; GM black, etc. 
  • Very user friendly and easy to use 
  • No fillers
  • Leaves zero residue



Classic Finish works excellent with any soft foam pad of choice. When correcting soft paint, Use Classic Cut with a microfiber pad for your initial step. Follow with Classic Finish and a soft foam pad for your second step.

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