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Detail Guardz Hose Guide 4-Pack

Detail Guardz Hose Guide 4-Pack

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The Detail Guardz Hose Guide 4 Pack allows for easy use of your power tools or garden hoses, without the risk of tire jamming!

When washing with a hose, using a polisher, sucking up contamination with a vacuum, the one thing in common is you are always changing positions and moving around the car to catch every nook and cranny. There is however one issue that always seems to happen at the worst time, the cord or hose jamming underneath the tread of the tires!The cord literally locks up and you have to walk around the car, pull the cord or hose out and re-maneuver it so that you have the correct length at your disposal to keep working. It is such a frustrating problem, but this problem now has an easy fix.

Simply slide the Detail Guardz Hose Guide underneath your tires and push so it snaps against the tread. This unit is made of high quality heavy duty polypropylene and the patented rollers allow for smooth maneuvering of your hoses and cords. You won't ever have to deal with a hose or cord jamming under a tire again, which saves you valuable time and cuts down on frustration during the detailing process.

Grab the Detail Guardz Hose Guide 4 Pack today and stop annoying cord jamming at its source!

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