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KXK Sanding Discs - 3000 Grit

KXK Sanding Discs - 3000 Grit

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KXK Dynamics develops products to improve efficiency, profitability, comfort and results for automotive detailing and body shop technicians. 

KXK Dynamics was created by 3 very talented detailers and problem solvers, who are held in the highest regard by all of their peers and customers.  Jason Killmer (Ridler and Pebble Beach award winner), Andy Ward of Proficient X, and Eron Knox of Red’s Detail.

The KXK Sanding Disc are designed to aid in the removal of “R.I.D.S.” (random isolated deeper scratches) that cannot be achieved by compounding alone. 

KXK Sanding Discs in combination with their ergonomic KXK Dynamics R.I.D. STIX maximize the contact between the sanding block and a vehicle panel to obtain a more consistent, even sanding mark, which can be polished out quickly and easily!  


  • (10 pieces) 3000 grit 2" sanding discs.


  • Last longer than traditional sanding paper/discs.
  • Easy to use - sanding marks come out faster during the compounding stage.
  • Built with an interface to hold water.
  • Pre-cut to perfectly fit the KXK Dynamics R.I.D. STIX.
  • Available in 2000, and 3000 grit styles.
  • Each box contains a QR Code on how to use.


  • Size: 2 "
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