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Leather Balm All Natural Leather Conditioner

Leather Balm All Natural Leather Conditioner

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Shine Supply Leather Balm helps restore the original softness and extend the life of your leather. Works on leather seats, boots and shoes, saddlery and tack, handbags, belts, holsters and furniture.

Not for use on suede or nubuck leathers. When the leather starts to absorb the balm, lighter shades of leather goods may naturally darken some, but when they are dry they will return to their original shade. Reapply Leather Balm as necessary to protect, restore and extend the life of your leather goods.

How to use: 

Make sure your leather is clean and dry (Shine Supply Leather & Interior Cleaner works excellent for cleaning leather).  Apply Leather Balm by hand and massage into the surface. If you‘d like, you can also apply it with an applicator pad or towel.

Allow the product to absorb into leather for at least 20 minutes then wipe down with a clean towel to ensure a smooth, non-tacky surface.

Pro Tips:

For best results, let the product absorb at least an hour or overnight, then take a clean towel (microfiber works great) and rub leather until the surface is smooth to the touch and no longer tacky. If your leather is extremely dried out, this entire process can be repeated multiple times. 

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