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Microfibre "Taddy" Towel 16" x 24" - 12 Pack

Microfibre "Taddy" Towel 16" x 24" - 12 Pack

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We call these “Taddy Towels”. Don’t ask why, it’s just a name that has stuck with us over years of detailing. 

Taddy Towels are any towel you would use on wheels, door jams, and general interior detailing. This particular towel is our go-to because of the 16"x24" size. We have a green version in 16"x16" that works great too, it really comes down to what size you prefer.

We have found these towels to be far superior to your big “box store” pack of microfiber towels because they hold up wash after wash without getting stiff.



  • Always wash your microfiber towels with our Micro-Cleanand warm water.
  • Dry on lowest heat setting. Use “air only” setting if available. 
  • Hot dryer settings will ruin your microfiber towels, making them stiff and non-absorbent. 
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