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Paint Sealant Kit

Paint Sealant Kit

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Wax is far from dead, and it is a quick and easy to way protect and add gloss to your vehicles paint. Our Daddy-O is a very durable sealant that will provide 8-12 months of protection with just one layer. This kit will have everything you need to seal and maintain your vehicles paint! 

Kit includes: 

  • (1) Daddy-O 16 oz. 
  • (1) Ride Shine 16 oz. 
  • (1) Blue Applicator Pad
  • (2) Cosmo Plush Microfiber Towels

How to use: 

1. Make sure the vehicle has been washed and decontaminated for best results. 

2. Apply a good amount of Daddy-O onto the Blue Applicator Pad, and apply product to the entire vehicle using circular motions.

3. After you have applied the sealant to the vehicle, use a Cosmo Plush towel and level the Daddy-O.

4. If there is any left over product or shadowing, use Ride Shine and a Cosmo Plush towel to level out the product.

5. Ride Shine can be used to maintain the layer of Daddy-O by wiping the vehicle down after each wash! 

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