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Shine Supply Wool Cutting Pad 6"

Shine Supply Wool Cutting Pad 6"

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Our go-to wool cutting pad for rotary use at Stevens Detailing. 


The NEW Shine Supply twisted natural wool pad is constructed of a premium blend of 100% natural lamb’s wool. No synthetic fibers or fillers are used in the construction of the pad and each strand is steam set to ensure consistency. 


Pad Specs:

  • Fits on any 5" rotary backing plate
  • 100% wool fibers
  • 1.25” pile length 
  • For use with rotary polishers only
  • Smaller diameter pad is easily maneuverable
  • Quickly removes heavy scratches & defects
  • Removes 1000 – 1500 grit sanding scratches
  • Highly refined twisted strands ensure consistency across the entire pad surface
  • Maximized fiber density for increased surface area and optimal performance
  • Specifically for use with rotary polishers
  • Works on automotive paint, gel coat and aluminum
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