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Trim Shield W Foam Applicator

Trim Shield W Foam Applicator

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Trim Shield is a revolutionary product that will take conditioning and protecting your trim to a whole new level. It's designed to penetrate deep into your trim and condition it from deep within.

Other trim dressings and gels will only rejuvenate the top layer of the trim that is visible, which in a matter of days begins to show signs of wear and fading. Many trim coatings will make the surface hydrophobic and look good but they don't actually condition the trim like our Trim Shield. 

Trim Shield will leave your trim with a fresh satin finish. Instead of the flashy gloss that most trim products produce, your trim will look BRAND NEW. It will be even and rich, non-greasy, and dry to the touch within minutes.

Trim Shield

The most beneficial aspect of this specialty formula is will not weaken or run off when it comes time to wash your vehicle! Trim Shield will actually seal your trim and reject outside elements that come in contact with it. It’s extremely hydrophobic and long-lasting against even the most extreme conditions. With proper wash techniques and depending on your weather conditions, you should get a minimum of 2 months of use out of a single application.


1 Bottle of Trim Shield is enough to do 14-16 cars. A little goes A LONG WAYS!

Make sure the surface is clean by using our Throwback. Apply a small amount of Trim Shield to the included soft foam applicator and thoroughly rub it into your trim. Allow the product to penetrate into your trim for a minimum of 10 minutes. With a clean microfiber towel, wipe down the treated area to ensure even results. If your trim is very dry and neglected, multiple applications may need to be done.

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