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Wash & Wax Kit

Wash & Wax Kit

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If you are looking to add solid protection and gloss to your paint in a quick and easy manner, this kit is for you. This kit provides everything you need to wash and wax your vehicle, all in the process of washing and drying your vehicle. 

Kit includes:

  • (1) Wet Detailer 16 oz. 
  • (1) Shine Soap 16 oz. 
  • (1) Flat Out Wash Pads 4-Pack 
  • (1) Shine Supply Drying Towel 16x16

How to use: 

1. Pre-rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris of the surface. 

2. Using a foam gun or bucket method, soap the vehicle using our Shine Soap.

3.  Using the Flat Out Wash Pads, scrub the vehicle. 

4. Rinse off the soap.

5. Using the Shine Supply Drying Towel and Wet Detailer begin drying the vehicle. 

6. As you are drying, spray Wet Detailer directly onto a panel, and use the Drying Towel to dry the panel and work in the product. 

7. Once the vehicle is dried, you have now washed and waxed your entire vehicle!

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