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Wet Detailer - 16oz

Wet Detailer - 16oz

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Wet Detailer express sealant is a water-activated paint sealant that quickly boosts your existing layer of protection. Whether your vehicle already has a coat of wax, paint sealant, or no protection at all; Wet Detailer is a great fit...this stuff is so easy to use!

Wet Detailer also works as stand-alone light protection on all exterior surfaces: paint, chrome, glass, and wheels.

Also available in gallons.


1) Wash vehicle
2) Rinse
3) Spray Wet Detailer onto the surface - one section at a time
4) Dry the vehicle
5) Even out any streaks with one of our detail sprays; Ride Shine quick detail spray or Punch-It synergy spray.


  • Adds amazing gloss and dries transparent

  • Doesn’t leave any white residue behind like traditional waxes

  • Safe for all exterior surfaces

  • Works excellently as a refresher to your existing coat of Daddy-O paint sealant or Signature Shine paste wax

  • Saves time!

  • Use on your wheels to protect them during washes and make your next cleaning process easier


If you’re detailing professionally, Wet Detailer is a great option for a quick “x-press” type service.

At Stevens Detailing we call this our “X-press Detail.”


1) Wash with Shine Soap
2) Dry in Wet Detailer
3) A final wipe with Punch-It synergy spray

You can expect an easy 3-4 months of protection from this service!

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